Disappointment: A feeling we hate to cause and struggle to feel.

And 2020 has provided many a chance to experience it from both sides.                                        

  • Weddings postponed
  • Holiday plans abandoned
  • Sports events cancelled
  • New babies unvisited
  • Graduation celebrations thwarted
  • And now, for many countries, a strict lockdown over Christmas all together.

The list goes on! COVID has really thrown us through the ringer this year!


Our struggle with 2020 disappointment is that it feels unjustified – and many people are struggling to cope with the conflict of emotions they are experiencing.

Logically – we know that COVID is a very legitimate and real reason to cancel events. People are worried. We understand it. We acknowledge it. But, when things get cancelled, it doesn’t stop us feeling:

  • angry
  • rejected
  • deflated
  • overwhelmed
  • sad
  • frustrated
  • annoyed

… to name but a few. All feelings which are naturally triggered when we are faced with disappointment.

And, do you know what, it’s ok to feel this way.

Even though we understand the reasons, we are allowed to feel the effects. Money has been wasted. Children have shed tears. Images of perfect celebrations have been re-shaped. And there is a tonne of guilt (on many levels) going around as a result.

How to deal with disappointment

For those of you who are putting on a brave face, don’t let the emotions fester inside. You know it will only cause more pain in the long run. Instead:                                                                  

  • Process the disappointment now
  • Acknowledge the feelings
  • Acknowledge the conflict between the feelings
  • Know that your feelings are justified
  • Gain perspective by speaking to friends and family
  • Talk it through with those that have been involved
  • And then, accept it for what it is and move on

Adjusting to a Festive Season in lockdown

As many countries start to implement stricter measures on movement and gatherings over the Festive Season, there is a realisation that a traditional Christmas / Hannukah is not going to be possible this year. For many of us, it’s the second or third time we’ve adjusted holiday plans to cater for COVID risks.

There is a very real risk that we start to feel that the festivities has been cancelled completely this year. 

It would be understandable to want to motor through the Festive Season and start a fresh in 2021. 

But, this year, more than any other, taking a break and making the most out of the Festive Season is vital to recharge, re-set and prepare for 2021.

Whilst Christmas may not be the same as usual, it doesn’t mean it has to be a complete write-off. 2020 gives us a chance to mould and adapt our holiday traditions and try out something new this year. And you never know – there may actually be some new traditions created in the making. 

Whether you are alone this Holiday Season or with a smaller family gathering, take a read of the previous article: “How the Grinch stole Christmas … or did he?” for 14 festive tips to help you thrive (not just survive) the 2020 Festive Season and set you up for a great start to 2021. 

How the Grinch stole Christmas ... or did he?

Wishing you and your loved ones a relaxing Festive Season and a smooth entry into 2021.


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