Braving Boundaries’ Creative Workshops offer a refreshing departure from the daily office routine. They provide a transformative space for staff to recharge, reflect, reconnect and discover their creative spark.

Our workshops are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of modern professionals, blending insightful discussions with hands-on creative activities. From clay painting to flower arranging, from mosaicking to cooking classes, each workshop promises a dynamic and immersive experience tailored to promote positive communication and well-being.

Why invest in Creative Workshops for your team?


Stress Reduction: Stepping away from the demands of the office and engaging in a creative activity provides a much-needed break for the mind, reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation.


Brain Stimulation: Engaging in creative activities stimulates the brain’s creative centres, encouraging innovation, enhancing problem-solving skills and developing out-of-the-box thinking. This can lead to fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to organisational challenges.


Self-Expression: Creative workshops offer a unique outlet for self-expression, enabling participants to explore their thoughts, emotions and ideas in a supportive environment, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.


Promoting Happiness and Positivity: Participating in enjoyable and fulfilling activities boosts mood and cultivates a sense of happiness and positivity among team members. This positive outlook can lead to increased motivation, engagement and overall well-being.


Fostering Team Cohesion: Creative workshops provide a unique opportunity for team members to bond outside of the traditional work setting, strengthening relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie. This improved team cohesion can lead to enhanced collaboration, communication and productivity within the organisation.

Investing in Creative Workshops for your staff is not just an indulgence; it’s an investment in the overall well-being and performance of your organisation. By providing opportunities for staff to engage in creative pursuits, you empower them to thrive both personally and professionally, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Unlock the potential of your team with Braving Boundaries’ Creative Workshops. Learn more about designing a creative workshop which can truly benefit your team.

I recently attended an amazing workshop hosted by Frieda and Vee, the Flower Cafe is a wonder to walk into it. The venue was perfect for the workshop. The content covered by Frieda was succinct, relevant and memorable. The space was safe to share to connect. The exercises covered were thought provoking and achieved a sense of releasing, letting go and setup for the new year. Frieda is a natural presenter, so calm, relaxed and open to share. I loved the sharing and lessons from Vee. Wow who knew flowers had such a wonderful history.

Kim – Momento Accounting, Cape Town

I decided a while ago to sign up for a workshop with Braving Boundaries. As the time got closer and having been a really busy week, I was starting to wonder if I should rather cancel and stay in the office and catch up on work. Well, I am so glad I didn’t listen to that little monster in my head because it was the most fabulous morning out for me. I met such lovely ladies, the workshop itself was incredibly valuable (thank you Frieda, your warmth and ability to bring the best out in people always amazes me), and the flower arranging just made my year.

Alison – Co-Founder of The Papery, Cape Town

Examples of previous and current workshops and presentations created by Braving Boundaries include:

  • “Braving Boundaries” – understanding the importance of boundaries
  • “Knowing me; Knowing you” – Understanding your behavioural style so that you can interact better with others – A bespoke workshop (combined with one-on-one coaching) for a corporate team struggling with poor communication, gossiping and personality conflicts
  • A workshop on navigating the uncertainty of hybrid working
  • “A crash course in courage”
  • “Incorporating a well-being culture into your workplace”
  • “Managing Your Gremlins” – a workshop on building confidence and tackling limiting beliefs
  • “Bring Back Balance” – the importance of creating a balanced life
  • “Spotting the Signs of Burnout”
  • A workshop for junior lawyers on building confidence and skills around business development in the early stages of their career
  • Assisting a corporate team to review and develop their bullying and harassment training following high turnover resulting from poor management behaviour
  • “When Law and Life Collide” – a workshop for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Annual Meeting which provided an overview on mental health in the legal sector, and some practical ways to improve mental health at a corporate and individual level

The workshop helped me reflect on my experiences and challenges, gaining valuable insights into my growth. Discussions and activities allowed me to uncover hidden insights, while making a flower bouquet represented cultivating beauty in life. The synergy between reflection and creativity became apparent as each bloom, filler, and herb represented significant moments from the past year. This workshop had a lasting impact on me, providing a holistic approach to reviewing the past year and leaving me with a deeper understanding of myself and a tangible symbol of growth in the form of a beautiful flower bouquet.

Shireen Adams - Regional Manager in the Finance industry, Western Cape



You want to invest in the overall well-being and performance of your team.


You aim to stimulate creativity and innovation within your team.


You want to encourage self-expression and personal growth in a supportive environment.


You want to address issues within your team in a creative, fun and compassionate way.


You’re looking to strengthen relationships within your team.