Have you ever wondered:

  • why some people always say “yes” whenever someone asks for help, even if it inconveniences and stresses them, while others have no problem in saying “no”?
  • why some people are always so diplomatic, while others yell at the slightest provocation?
  • why praise alone works so well to motivate some people at work, while others perform better when there’s the promise of a bonus?
  • why it takes one person seconds to decide on a purchase, while another needs to mull it over for weeks?

The answers lie deep in our personalities, and for many, these answers will forever stay hidden. But there is a powerful and effective tool to help you dig deep and understand why you do the things you do…

It’s called the Enneagram.


At its most basic, the Enneagram is a personality assessment that has nine personality types. Each type—for example, Type 7 (or the Enthusiastic Visionary), or Type 1 (the Strict Perfectionist) or Type 5 (the Quiet Specialist)—has its own unique strengths and challenges, and each person within that type has their own blend of these group characteristics.

We all have a dominant personality type and exhibit the traits of this type along a continuum, either showing the healthier side of our personality, or spiralling down into the more unhealthy and reactive patterns of our natures.

For example, take the ever-giving Type 2 (the Considerate Helper), who at their best is highly altruistic and unselfish, thriving on giving to others, but in times of stress, can spiral downwards to become intrusive in their help or play the martyr, or feel bitterly resentful because they feel taken advantage of by others.

The power of the Enneagram lies in its subtle complexity, in its flexibility, and in its open-endedness, allowing it to take into account the myriad characteristics of human personality, how these traits blend in each person, and how they change depending on circumstances.



Competitive Achiever



The Enneagram goes much further than this though. Other personality assessments tend to focus on behaviour, looking at what certain personality types are likely to do. While the Enneagram does shed light on each type’s typical behaviours, it goes deeper than this, by showing what drives that behaviour.

The Enneagram is all about the WHY. It delves into our motivations and explains why we do the things we do. It offers profound insights into what makes us tick, such as the unconscious fears buried deep in our psyches that affect our everyday decisions.

Like the success-driven Competitive Achiever—Type 3 on the Enneagram—whose motivation comes in the form of always being the best. If a task will give them an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and shine, they’ll be all over it. Why? Because deep down, their basic fear is being of no worth or value.

Whereas the Active Controller, the Enneagram’s Type 8, is driven by a need to be strong and avoid feeling vulnerable, and so they seek to control everyone and everything around them to avoid feeling helpless, controlled or powerless. It’s understandable therefore, why the Active Controller is assertive, self-confident, and often, domineering as they seek unconsciously to control their worlds.



Enthusiastic Visionary





You can’t change who you are, but there are several benefits to having a deeper understanding of yourself:


  • You can make the most of your strengths and become aware of the things that challenge you.
  • You can face the hidden motivations and fears that rule your life and are holding you back in both your personal and professional life.
  • You can work more effectively in a team.
  • You can see what lies behind the decisions you make, why you see the world the way you do, where your blind spots and defence mechanisms are, what’s behind your anxieties, and what’s likely to trigger you.
  • You can live up to your true potential and identify where you can grow and develop.
Frieda Levycky Life Coach for Professionals

This is powerful and valuable insight.


Braving Boundaries offers a full Enneagram Assessment that will shine a light on your behaviours and motivations, and a lot more besides.

What you get:


  • The Standard Report (approximately 22 pages focused on the self) or the Pro Report (approximately 42 pages focused on the self and your interactions in a team)
  • A feedback session with Frieda (60 minutes) to analyse the report and discuss initial strategies that can be implemented.

“What a fantastic way to find out more about yourself, your thought processes, and how you relate to the world! The Enneagram assessment is more than a personality test – it is a surprisingly accurate and detailed tool that allows you to see yourself in a new light, and gives you perspective on how to improve your relationship with yourself and others.”

Barbara Smith

Texas, USA

‘Doing my Enneagram test with Frieda was one of the best investments in myself that I’ve made this year. I use the insights I learned on a daily basis and it’s helping me navigate relationships more easily and also understand myself better. I’m very hard on myself, but I find with the knowledge I’ve gained, I can extend compassion to myself more readily.

I’d previously done a free online test and the experience of it versus doing one with Frieda was chalk and cheese. Frieda’s test is much more in-depth and working through the results afterwards with Frieda was very beneficial. Frieda was able to clarify aspects that I didn’t understand, and very importantly, help me to see the positive in an area that I felt was rather negative.

Frieda created a great summary of the characterises of my type and I find myself regularly referring back to it.

If you’re keen to learn more about yourself, what motivates you, what doesn’t and how you can use these traits best, I highly recommend doing your enneagram test with Frieda.’


Cape Town, South Africa

“[The Enneagram is] a very comfortable, supportive way to learn more about myself: what triggers and motivates me and with the “development exercise” some very useful suggestions to develop further: for my own benefit and to the benefit of my team.”

Legal & Compliance team member


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In the corporate world, instead of looking solely at behaviour, we need to look at what drives that behaviour. What makes people in a team click? How can we work better together? How can we utilise each individual’s strengths (because we all have strengths).

Having a better understanding of people—what motivates them, what fears hold them back, what triggers them—can improve communication within teams. It brings compassion, understanding and awareness into the workplace. It improves collaboration and helps teams to work more effectively. And it helps people deal more effectively with conflict and give feedback in more useful ways.

Frieda Levycky Life Coach for Professionals


Braving Boundaries offers a full Enneagram Assessment that will provide powerful and valuable insight into how and why your team works the way it does, and how to improve your team dynamics.

What you get:

  • Individual Pro Team Reports for each team member
  • A Team Report combining data from all individual reports to produce a team analysis
  • 60-minute feedback session to analyse and discuss the reports with each individual prior to the Enneagram Team Session. This vital feedback session gives each team member the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their Enneagram type (and sub-type) and discuss the report findings ahead of the Enneagram Team Session.
  • Enneagram Team Session to discuss the findings of the Enneagram Team Report and its applicability to the team. The team session allows all team members to gain a better understanding of their colleagues; their motivations; their behavioural styles; their strengths and their challenges. This awareness then provides the basis for team growth, particularly in the areas of effective communication, improved feedback and delegation, creative collaboration and skilful conflict resolution.

Once the Enneagram Team Session has been completed, further team sessions can then be developed for an extra cost.

“Frieda is open and full of energy and during the session she kept the whole team in a positive mood. Her energetic personality made it easy to openly discuss our positive as well as negative traits and brainstorm on future improvements.”



“We engaged Braving Boundaries for a team assessment (Enneagram) for 6 people and had the pleasure of Frieda joining our team meeting albeit virtual for half a day. Prior to the meeting she sent us the Enneagram Assessments and spent one hour with each of us explaining the results in detail. During the team session she focused more on the team dynamics and how everyone is motivated specifically in relation to other members of the team. She also explained how our team is perceived within the company and what can be achieved to approve our standing.

I have done similar assessments before but what makes this one special is the focus on motivation and how everyone can achieve more, not only explaining the different character traits. She also asked us to do some group work and practical examples during the session so we can apply our newly gained knowledge firsthand on our team members. We had some new team members who joined during COVID which meant we have never met as a group before, but Frieda’s open and funny style made everyone feel comfortable to express themselves. As a manager I really appreciated this approach.”

Team Leader

European-wide Consultancy Firm

“[The Enneagram team session is] a very comfortable, supportive way to learn more about our team: what triggers each individual, what motivates each individual, and then with the Team Enneagram Profile understanding our teams strengths, blind spots and risk; the broader picture, all to the benefit of our team and each team member individually: an exciting journey!

Legal & Compliance team member


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