A healthy and happy workforce isn’t just important for building a successful business; it’s also a moral obligation. Most professionals spend an average of 50-80 hours a week working. That’s more time than they will spend at home.

Is it any wonder then, that stress, anxiety and overwhelm are becoming ever-increasing realities in people’s lives? Left unattended, these stresses can have a significant negative impact on physical and mental health. Which is as bad for your business as it is for your employees.

You are dependent on your staff members as much as they are dependent on you; their lives and their careers matter. So, support them by encouraging and actively promoting good mental health initiatives and real-life balance.

The Deluxe Gift Boxes from Braving Boundaries have been curated with the busy person’s mental health and wellness in mind. If you are looking for bespoke and unique corporate gifts for your company this year, contact Braving Boundaries for bulk pricing.

Deluxe Gift Box

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Curated with the busy person in mind, the Deluxe Gift Box offers pure stress-busting ‘me-time’ and a chance to unwind.

Brand: Braving Boundaries


  • Bespoke double-sided jigsaw puzzle
  • A5 journal from The Papery
  • Aromadough
  • SoyLites Travel-Lite candle
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Video QR code for “The Story Behind the Puzzle”

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The Deluxe Gift Box is curated with the busy person in mind. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are ever-increasing realities in today's hustle culture. If we don’t stop, take time out and put our own needs first, our physical and mental health can suffer.

The Deluxe Gift Box is all about ‘me-time’. Each element in the gift box has been chosen to help quieten your mind and tap back into your senses, your creativity and your imagination. Take a look inside.

  1. Jigsaw puzzle: unplug from technology with this beautiful, bespoke, double-sided jigsaw puzzle, custom-designed and created in Cape Town for Braving Boundaries. 
    At 180 pieces, it’s the perfect size for a busy individual, big enough to give you a stress-relieving break without taking up too much of your day (or space on your table or desk). And if you want more of a challenge, try to build it on the reverse side.
  2. A5 journal and ballpoint pen: Journal your way to peace, with this beautiful hardcover Scribblz journal from The Papery. Whether you choose to use it to keep your busy life in order, or to reduce stress by releasing your emotions and thoughts onto the page, is up to you.
  3. Aromadough: Release the heady scents of specially selected essential oils when you sink your fingers into this soft-textured dough. With swirls of beautiful colours, Aromadough is touch therapy, colour therapy and aromatherapy rolled into one, for the ultimate in relaxation. 
  4. Classic Travel-Lite candle by SoyLites: Made from all-natural soybean oil blended with aromatherapy oils, SoyLites’ classic travel-lite candle is just what you need to positively influence your mood and enhance your day. 
  5. QR code for the video, “The Story Behind the Puzzle”: Puzzle-building is a good analogy for our life journeys: easy in the beginning, but getting harder over time, as we search for the right pieces that will make our lives complete, like a puzzle.

If you feel as if you can’t find the pieces missing from your life, or that you have forced ill-fitting pieces into place, “The Story Behind the Puzzle” could give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

Children under the age of three years old (3 years)  should not play with small puzzle pieces, as they pose a choking hazard. It is recommended that you carefully supervise all other children playing with puzzles to ensure safety, regardless of age. 

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  1. Nicole Holborow-Browne (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful, quality gift. And the delivery and payment process breeze. Such a special gift for the corporate on the go!

  2. Tiffany

    I received this as a gift from a dear friend. It was such a lovely gesture and so appreciated! It was beautifully wrapped and presented too.
    That same day I spent quality time with my husband doing the puzzle…that is a gift in itself.
    And now when I sit down at my desk I light the candle, write my to do list for the day in the diary with a smile on my face…plus who knew the aromadough would bring so much release! I squish it all day long!
    Great product and highly recommend it for yourself or as a gift.

    Image #1 from Tiffany
  3. Sonja Kotze (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved my gift box. My favorite is the Aromodough which I play with every day. Everything was so thoughtfully packed and wrapped. Highly recommend it as a gift for that special friend or colleague.

  4. Bianca McHarg

    This gift box was such a spoil! I loved it. I did the puzzle straight away as i love puzzles and it’s not often adults get a puzzle to do! haha! Since i know the founder of Braving Boundaries, I know exactly the kind of effort that was put into creating this gorgeous package which makes it even more special. I can’t recommend this enough as a fun, unique and heartfelt gift!

  5. Inge

    I received my gift box not knowing what to expect and I loved it. It is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented.

    I really enjoyed the aromadough. There’s something so soothing about the feeling and the fresh, minty smell.

    And one of my favourite parts was the video explaining the story behind the puzzle. Life really is one, big, messy puzzle. The video is a reminder that we’re all muddling along and that it’s ok. Sometimes it’s tougher than at other times and we’re not alone.

    Frieda’s care, precision, professionalism and dedication to excellence is evident in every detail.

    What a treat this gift has been!

    Image #1 from Inge
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