It’s not always easy spending money on yourself, particularly when you cannot see a tangible benefit. I get it. I felt the same when I first hired a coach.  But what the coaching process provides you with is confidence, clarity and an understanding of who you are and what is important in your life.

For the short-term investment, you gain life-long skills, capable of being applied not only to your current situation, but repeatedly in the future.

Take a read of the feedback received from some of my clients.

“I met Frieda a few years ago. She was a workaholic with a big heart and generosity towards others. When I learnt she had changed career paths, and saw her professionalism as a certified coach, I was blown away! But it is a perfect fit for her.

Coaching came at the right time in my life as I was looking to change my future for a better work life balance and had no idea where to start. I had an initial chat with Frieda to see how she may be able to help me move forward.

We decided to start with the Basic Balance Session. It was amazing!! Frieda is extremely professional, warm and with an exceptional personality. I felt really comfortable talking about private & professional topics with her. She listened with no judgement and was very supportive. During this session I gained clarity on my goals and she made me feel more confident.

After the Basic Balance session I decided to pursue coaching with Frieda for a 6 month period. I love her support, feedback and motivation to give encouragement in a positive way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support & happiness for a better work life balance.”

Virginie, Geneva, Switzerland

“I entered my session with Frieda feeling low in confidence, insecure and negative. It was at a very low point in my life. Frieda was incredible, she was able to unpack everything for me holistically and change my perspective on my present and future prospects. She allowed me to sound out the negative white noise and focus on the positive. After the session I felt assured that I am in the right career for me and that confidence and balance in all aspects of life is critical.”



“Frieda is a great coach! With 30+ years in law enforcement, leadership, and management, work tends to crowd out my family. I worked hard to be and achieve what others wanted for me. I always strove to meet the next objective, metric, or professional success. Frieda helped me see I can do what I want, still be successful, and be happy too! Her background in legal and corporate helped her relate to my problems and concerns. She was terrific at helping me reach my best self! My only regret was not finding her sooner.” 


Gary, Texas, USA

“Frieda has a way of making you feel seen, understood and valued!  I’ve traded perfectionism for authenticity.  Her guidance helped me to see, understand and value who I am and what I offer.” 


Kristi, Idaho, USA

“Frieda is amazing at asking questions that lead you to finding the answers you've been looking for a very long time. Awareness is power and a first step towards the change, they say. Frieda gives you exactly that and more. She helps you gain clarity around your situation and identifies steps to help you to get to where you want to be. She created a safe and judgment free environment to explore my situation. I felt supported, understood and believed in throughout our sessions. Frieda helped me to cross my self-made barrier from knowing what I wanted to believing that I could achieve it and that I deserved it.” 


Olya, Sydney, Australia

“As a professional, I guard my time and have consistently found that coaching with Frieda is worth not only my financial investment, but also my time. I come away from each session with clarity and a plan of action. She knows the right questions to ask to help me get where I want to go. Frieda has helped me navigate uncertain waters both personally and professionally, from career opportunities to helping me maintain a sense of equilibrium during a recent personal loss. I would highly recommend spending time with this amazing coach. She will help you find balance and live the life you truly want to live.” 


Laura, Michigan, USA

“I just LOVE being coached by Frieda!  As a coach, Frieda is so present.  She is amazing in giving me the space that I need, asking me questions that illicit deep thought and introspection that I wouldn’t have otherwise explored.  Above all that, because of her authenticity, I’m able to trust and give the most authentic answers I can give which has greatly served me.” 


Raili, San Diego, USA

“Frieda demonstrates the whole-person concept in her coaching perfectly. Her coaching skill, coupled with her attention to detail, has helped me simplify complex issues and unravel tangled thoughts. She also holds space for me to be curious and to explore and works alongside me to strategize and create concrete plans to move forward with my goals.”

Peggy, USA

“I started coaching with Frieda when I was overwhelmed with the immense time and the constant “to-do” list that accompanies starting a new job. I was discouraged, overwhelmed and my life was out of balance. The harder I worked the more work there seemed left to do. How was I going to get out of that cycle and back to some sense of normalcy? Frieda listened patiently and asked insightful questions that helped me gain awareness and clarity around what I really wanted, not just what the job needed. It wasn’t an overnight “fix” but she helped me develop strategies that led to my being able to enjoy work and life again.” 


Lisa, USA

“Frieda is the most authentic, friendly and effective communicator and coach I know. She helped me uncover the root of where my conflict was coming from.  The pattern of my challenge became crystal clear.”


Francesca, Kansas, USA

“I decided to work with Frieda because of her warm, genuine, and upbeat personality. From the start, I felt comfortable talking with her about challenges in any area of my life, and I have always found her to be supportive and non-judgmental. She leverages her experience to ask thought-provoking questions that help me work out the best approach for my situation, and when I leave a session, I feel relaxed, motivated, and confident. As a result of working with Frieda, I have gained clarity about the direction I want to go in life, and I have taken steps toward achieving my goals. After only a few months of being coached by her, I have seen an increase in my levels of motivation, self-confidence, and satisfaction with life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for more balance and joy in life." 


Stephanie, Texas, USA

Frieda is an exceptional person who makes every session feel extremely comfortable and casual, while still guiding you in all the directions one needs to go to start the journey of living your ideal life. My sessions offered massive value and jump started my momentum into ticking off my goals massively. I would definitely recommend her services!

Cameron de Kock, South Africa

The 90 minute introductory session was a valuable experience and a useful introduction to coaching. The process is intuitive but also structured, and Frieda is a wonderful, empathetic listener and guide. 

Solicitor, UK