We would like to invite you to “The Publess Quiz”.

As human beings, we are wired for social connection. “The need to connect socially with others is as basic as our need for food, water and shelter” states @MatthewLieberman in his book “Social: Why our brains are wired to connect”.  

Given that our current circumstances have certainly limited our ability to physically connect with each other, Braving Boundaries has decided to team up with The Gear Change to help people socially connect online.

We have created “The Publess Quiz” – an online general knowledge quiz held through Zoom.

We will hold the quiz on Friday, 24 April 2020 at 8pm (Cape Town, SA time). All it requires is a zoom account.

We will need to limit the session to 30 teams (so first come first served). Please drop me a message if you would like to participate, so that we can provide you with the details.

If we have more interest than we can cater for in one session, we will hold another quiz.

We look forward to hosting you!