Workshops & Seminars

A company is made up of the sum of its people. How those people feel about themselves and their professional and personal lives, will impact how they show up at work and how they interact with other people in their team. In turn, this impacts the productivity of the company as a whole.

Common issues which often have an impact on an individual’s corporate life include:

  • Personal life upheavals (e.g. divorce, difficult relationships, custody battles, new baby, returning to work after maternity leave, loss of a loved one, health issues)
  • Over-working leading to burnout or worse (e.g. workaholism, avoidance of personal issues, inability to set boundaries / say “no”)
  • Living and working abroad (e.g. transitioning back to a home country, missing family, the expat lifestyle, building a career in a foreign country)
  • Business development (e.g. not feeling skilled, not having the personality, not knowing where to start)
  • Client retention
  • Job security
  • Inter-office relationships
  • Meeting projected budget (e.g. particularly in a climate of demanding clients, high overheads and lower charge out rate ability)
  • Confidence crisis (e.g. imposter syndrome, everyone else is better than me, I don’t know my value)
  • Juggling work and life (e.g. kids, friends, social life, outdoor pursuits, holidays, rest … and work of course)
  • Managing a team (e.g. different personalities, lack of skills in management, problematic team members)
  • Top Management conflict (e.g. competition between managers and directors, bullying, lack of collaboration)

Whether your organisation is just beginning to implement a staff training and development programme or is advanced in its efforts, Braving Boundaries is capable of providing you with tailored and focused workshops on a variety of topics.

Examples of previous and current workshops and presentations created by Braving Boundaries include:

  • “Braving Boundaries” – understanding the importance of boundaries
  • “Knowing me; Knowing you” – Understanding your behavioural style so that you can interact better with others – A bespoke workshop (combined with one-on-one coaching) for a corporate team struggling with poor communication, gossiping and personality conflicts
  • A workshop on navigating the uncertainty of hybrid working
  • “A crash course in courage”
  • “Incorporating a well-being culture into your workplace”
  • “Managing Your Gremlins” – a workshop on building confidence and tackling limiting beliefs
  • “Bring Back Balance” – the importance of creating a balanced life
  • “Spotting the Signs of Burnout”
  • A workshop for junior lawyers on building confidence and skills around business development in the early stages of their career
  • Assisting a corporate team to review and develop their bullying and harassment training following high turnover resulting from poor management behaviour
  • “When Law and Life Collide” – a workshop for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Annual Meeting which provided an overview on mental health in the legal sector, and some practical ways to improve mental health at a corporate and individual level

Work with me to design a bespoke workshop / seminar to benefit you and your organisation.