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Since the Global Financial Crisis back in 2008/9, there has been a significant shift in awareness towards the importance of corporate well-being. Initially, greater emphasis was placed on healthy eating within the workplace and ergonomic furniture to counteract the long hours staff spent at their desks. However, this failed to address the, arguably, more critical mental health and wellness issues experienced by staff members which were associated with working in demanding workplace environments.

Over the last decade, many industries have sought to implement charters to encourage companies to: (a) provide education and training around potential mental health issues which staff may experience (or see others experience) within the workplace; and (b) incorporate policies and practices which promote healthier workplace behaviour.

Unfortunately, statistics still indicate that mental health and wellness issues continue to plague workplace environments. In fact, they are on the increase.

The purpose of this Corporate Wellness Brochure is to provide your company/firm with:

  • a more detailed insight into what mental health is all about;
  • the role of and benefit to the individual and the corporate in improving mental health and well-being practices; and
  • some ways in which your firm/company can support staff wellness.

As the 2016 Task Force Report succinctly states, improving and supporting staff wellness is: “good for clients, it’s good for business and it’s the right thing to do”.

If you would like to discuss further the ways in which you can develop your corporate wellness offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

I hope you enjoy the read!