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Being a lawyer is tough. It’s a challenging job with long hours, complicated work and demanding clients, in a work environment that isn’t always the friendliest.

As a lawyer myself for over 15 years, I know all too well how often work spills over into your personal life.

Sometimes it feels like you have to choose.
Successful career or a successful life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can have it all.

Today, I run an international practice from my home in Cape Town, surrounded by my dogs and with a magnificent view of Table Mountain. I have a balanced and fulfilling life.

But that wasn’t always the case. I used to believe that my success came at a price. That I had to make sacrifices to have this level of achievement. And so my career overshadowed my personal life.

Over the years, I watched romantic relationships fall apart, missed holidays and dinners, upset family members and experienced suffocating levels of stress.

Gary, Texas, USA

“Frieda is a great coach! With 30+ years in law enforcement, leadership, and management, work tends to crowd out my family. I worked hard to be and achieve what others wanted for me. I always strove to meet the next objective, metric, or professional success.

Frieda helped me see I can do what I want, still be successful, and be happy too! Her background in legal and corporate helped her relate to my problems and concerns. She was terrific at helping me reach my best self! My only regret was not finding her sooner.”

Does this sound familiar?

Like me back then, do you get the feeling that something needs to change in your life?

Is a lack of work-life balance starting to frustrate you?

Are you worried you’re running out of time to chase after what you really want?

Do you feel your priorities shifting, but it feels too uncomfortable, if not
impossible, to actually implement any change?


  • Maybe you want to leave the office earlier so that you can make a date.
  • Maybe you want to spend quality time with the people you love.
  • Maybe you want an uninterrupted holiday.
  • Maybe you just want to have more fun in your life.

But you can do more than just want a balanced life..You can have one too!

With the right changes, you can lead a balanced life with better relationships, less stress, and more time for the people and pursuits you love, without giving up your career or being less productive.


Your boss?

“This isn’t remotely work related! And besides, I don’t want to be seen as weak or not dedicated.”

Your colleagues?

“I don’t want this to be a source of gossip.”

Your Human Resources team?

“I’m worried this will go on my record or get back to my boss.”

Your partner/friend?

“He/She doesn’t really understand my working world.”

Your leadership mentor?

“This isn’t about leadership. This is personal.”


Stephanie, Texas, USA

“I decided to work with Frieda because of her warm, genuine, and upbeat personality. From the start, I felt comfortable talking with her about challenges in any area of my life, and I have always found her to be supportive and non-judgmental.

She leverages her experience to ask thought-provoking questions that help me work out the best approach for my situation, and when I leave a session, I feel relaxed, motivated, and confident. As a result of working with Frieda, I have gained clarity about the direction I want to go in life, and I have taken steps toward achieving my goals.

After only a few months of being coached by her, I have seen an increase in my levels of motivation, self-confidence, and satisfaction with life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for more balance and joy in life.”


I provide legal professionals like you with a safe place to talk about these “softer” issues with someone who understands your world and knows how to turn things around.

Because these issues matter.

You are more than a lawyer; more than a role. You are a whole person with dreams and passions outside of the legal world. You have every right to nurture those aspects of your life and, if the truth be told, when you do, the lawyer in you will benefit too!

And so I create a space without judgment or fear of repercussions, where you can be truly honest about what you want in both your personal and your professional life.

I give you the support you need to plan and implement effective change so you can achieve a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

So, if you’re at a stage where you want to create more balance in your life, but are struggling with the “how”, then why don’t you get in touch?

Let’s have a chat, see if we fit, and see if coaching is what you need.

My goal is to get you from wanting to have a balanced life to having the balanced life you want.

It is possible!

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Can I be honest?

I know how hard working in the legal world can be sometimes. When times get tough, we just need to know that someone gets that and can help us through it.

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