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Get a more detailed insight into what mental health is all about; the role of and benefit to the individual and the corporate in improving mental health and well-being practices; and some ways in which your firm/company can support staff wellness.

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Life is one big, messy puzzle

We all get lost at times. We lose direction. We lose our purpose. We lose ourselves. To the outside world, everything looks picture perfect. But, deep down, we know that something is out of place. A piece of that puzzle isn’t “quite right” and we’ve now reached the point where it needs to change.

If you are ready to shift from being lost, stuck and overwhelmed to a life with direction, purpose, good health and a large dose of fun and happiness, then you’re in the right place.

Let me help you put the pieces of your life’s puzzle into their rightful place. Let’s start by Braving Boundaries.

Braving Boundaries - A Lawyer’s Guide To Prioritisation


Identify the missing pieces

Explore the world of positive intrinsic motivation and get your mojo back.
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Slotting the pieces into place

Change for many is a frightening prospect. It takes us from a place of certainty and puts us smack, bang into the unknown. We may dearly want to create change in our lives, but there is a big difference between wanting to change and being ready to make a change. Don’t worry though, whichever stage in the journey you’re at, Braving Boundaries has you covered.

  • If you’re just finding your feet, check out the range of blog articles and podcast discussions we have to offer or sign up for the monthly newsletter.
  • If you want to test out the waters of change on your own, then take a look at the free resources and online programs.
  • If you are ready to bring about real change in your life, then see how you can work with me.
Braving Boundaries Online Programs


Braving Boundaries Online Programs


Puzzles in progress

Slide - Angela
“I entered my session with Frieda feeling low in confidence, insecure and negative. It was at a very low point in my life. Frieda was incredible, she was able to unpack everything for me holistically and change my perspective on my present and future prospects. She allowed me to sound out the negative white noise and focus on the positive. After the session I felt assured that I am in the right career for me and that confidence and balance in all aspects of life is critical.”


Bringing the puzzle to others

Don’t you love a good puzzle? We certainly do!

Check out the beautiful bespoke, double-sided jigsaw puzzles we have created. The perfect gift for yourself, the family, a friend or a colleague.

“When the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit, we have to be brave enough to start again.”

About me

Figuring out my own puzzle

You are not the first person (nor will you be the last) to feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed, but I know just how unsettling it feels to sit in that place of uncertainty and wonder: “Where the heck is my life going?”

Take a read of My Story to find out more.

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”