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Join us for the “The Mid-Life Lawyer” Event

“The Mid-Life Lawyer” is a unique 90-minute interactive discussion designed exclusively for “mid-life” lawyers who are seeking clarity, inspiration and guidance during this pivotal stage of their professional journey.
The event is not about throwing in the towel on your career and swanning off to live the life of Riley on a beach in Mauritius. It’s about providing a space to address the very real concerns and questions lawyers face during the middle stages of their careers (and their lives).


  • You’re 10+ years into you career
  • You’re navigating the legal arena which is increasingly different to the one in which you entered
  • You’re heaped with responsibility given your senior role
  • You’ve got increased external responsibilities e.g. children, elderly parents, mortgage, school fees – you name it!

Sound familiar? Even if you still love your job and workplace, as a “Mid-Life” lawyer, you will find that you start asking yourself questions like: 


  • Am I still relevant in a constantly evolving legal landscape?
  • Am I capable of adapting to changes in the market and industry demands?
  • Is being a lawyer what I want to do for the rest of my working life?
  • How can I make my career more fulfilling?
  • How can I make sure the second half of my career is more balanced and varied?


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from attending the event:


  • Gain clarity and guidance on your career path
  • Address the real concerns and questions that you face during this stage of your professional journey.
  • Gain insights into staying relevant in the constantly evolving legal landscape.
  • Develop strategies to help you adapt to changes in the market and industry demands.
  • Make your legal career more fulfilling.
  • Identify strategies for achieving a better work-life balance.
  • Connect with peers who are experiencing similar challenges and questions


Join us, Rob Green (your host & Executive Legal Recruiter) and Frieda Levycky (Senior “mid-life” Lawyer and Professional Coach) as we use our experience and expertise to guide you through this critical phase. We will share valuable insights, practical strategies and real-life experiences to empower you in making informed decisions about your career and creating balance in your life.

Rob green

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Ticket Price: ZAR 450 (c. GBP 20.00)

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