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A lack of work-life balance can take a variety of forms. For some legal professionals, it’s the lack of time they get to spend with their family. For others, it’s an inability to remain healthy when working excessively long hours. Yet for others, it’s an inability to loosen the reins when they are outside of the office.

The articles contained on this page seek to address a wide range of topics where legal professionals experience imbalance and the impact that this has on their lives. As such, some articles will resonate with you, while others may provide an insight into the possible challenges faced by your colleagues and friends.

I hope you enjoy the read…

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Who are you? A lawyer or so much more?

Date Mar 2, 2021
If I were to ask you to describe yourself, what would you say? My guess is that the phrase "I'm a lawyer" would be one of the first things that slip out of your mouth. For lawyers, the lawyer identity is so intrinsic to us that we often forget who else we truly are. Are you ready to find out?
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Can I be honest?

I know how hard working in the legal world can be sometimes. When times get tough, we just need to know that someone gets that and can help us through it.

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