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A lack of work-life balance can take a variety of forms. For some legal professionals, it’s the lack of time they get to spend with their family. For others, it’s an inability to remain healthy when working excessively long hours. Yet for others, it’s an inability to loosen the reins when they are outside of the office.

The articles contained on this page seek to address a wide range of topics where legal professionals experience imbalance and the impact that this has on their lives. As such, some articles will resonate with you, while others may provide an insight into the possible challenges faced by your colleagues and friends.

I hope you enjoy the read…

Mental Health: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Date Aug 18, 2020
Read about the interview Frieda Levycky, Founder of Braving Boundaries, had with Rob Green, CEO of GRM, about mental health in the legal sector. IT'S TIME TO STOP THE STIGMA!
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